„Dancing is a speech without words“
-Pamela Brown



After the obligatory 3 year Covid break, we met again on the dance stage to welcome back our dancers. We would like to say THANK YOU to all the performers, coaches, spectators and the whole organising team, because only because of you it was an event full of experiences and emotions.

2022, 2021, 2020 - Covid break


Dancers presented their unforgettable performances at all dance Tournaments of the Dance With No Barriers  Competition 2019. Once again, more than 3,000 dancers showed their love for dance. We sincerely thank all the participants and are already looking forward to the new dance season.


THANK YOU for all the dance competitions.

Semi-final rounds ( 10.3/11.3. – Žilina, 24.3/25.3 – Bratislava, 7.4/8.4 – Košice,) welcomed a total of 3400 dancers… The final round (22.4/25.4) was held this year in Žilina and welcomed the winners of all three semi-final rounds.

Wonderful atmosphere, emotions, but of course also tension and stress – such was the dance event Dance with No Barriers 2018… THANK YOU!!!


All Semi-final rounds (25.2/26.2 – Košice, 18.3/19.3. , Žilina, 8.4/9.4 – Bratislava) welcomed a total of 3400 dancers… The final round (22.4/25.4 – Bratislava) was also bursting at the seams and based on  the expert jury, several choreographies met in Graz, Austria.